Yoga Heals


with the Chackras
through Sound and Music

A vital energy workshop circled around your experience of introspection. A Divine guidance brought by the healing effects of sound and music. Chant bija Mantras, opening the ancient seeds of sound.

Methods to refine your perception, bringing it to balance, and express your creativity in writing the channels of energy flow.

Methods for the Art of Listening.

  • Find your Breathing Areas, oxygenate the body!
  • Vocal practice
  • Sound projection
  • Write it down, notes.

60 euro / per hour

45 euro / 3 sessions or more.

Yoga Flow

A delicate yet profoundly deep yoga practice. Emy’s extensive experience is drawing an attentive approach. Ideal for the joints and sensitive body types.


60 euro/hour

45 euro/3 sessions or more.

Live Music
and Yoga

It brings the practice to a profound level of expansionHealing Sessions with sound effects, vocals, guitars, harmoniumGuided meditation with one’s intention.


60 euro/hour

45 euro/3 sessions or more.


Invoke calmness and deep peace through Vedic Mantra ChantingThe power of gentle sounds comforts the heart. Sanskrit is a pure and mystical energy.


60 euro/hour

45 euro/3 sessions or more.