About Me

Emy’s journey has been guided to extensive travels and to meet with many deep encounters, spiritual figures, and cultural changes. Therefore, this filled a space inside in her Soul of embracing life as a sacred music traveller.

Emy Berti’s life is pervaded by a profound sense of transcendence, and grateful for this intuitive gift, she is drawn to serve as a channel through the various forms of expression such as songwriting, singing, and the healing natural yoga sessions. Also uses Tarots and Oracle Cards.

Early in childhood, she spent her summertime in Brooklyn NY, 1977 and 1979. where her grandparents, and others family members, lived for their latest years.

Five years in Milan Italy, during her twenties, was a period that escalated in extensive pub playing, studio recording, singing and writing collaboration with many mainstream Italian artists and musicians, like Irene Grandi and Stefano Bollani, Giovanni Nuti, although Emy was still to discover the realm of life she was longing for, in the long run.


At the turn of 30, began the calling for Self-Love.


New York 2002, curved the search for some higher purpose. She encountered Jaya Yoga studio in Brooklyn, and her first class was focused on breathing exercises -pranayama, and an instant spark was instilled in her heart of a new trajectory in life. A large amount of time was also spent in New York City, where at first, she served tables at cafes and performed at famous clubs like the CbGBs, in the Big Apple where her family members live.


Having moved to the UK in 2003, where she took her first British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Certificate, and worked on a musical project at the same time UPM with her song “The Code”. Then, onto a long stream of several years, spent to deepen the yoga practice in the Ananda Assisi Spiritual Community and the Sivananda Centers of Munich, Germany and Florence, Italy, serving in various ways, as teacher, Italian translator and karma yogi. She became a graduate of Sivananda Vedanta Intenational School at the Ashram in Tyrol, Austria on September 2005.


After a health rest in her life, she redirected her focus and energy with ever more inspiration, she sang in a Wayne Dyer’s lecture in Assisi, and she provided her songs as musical score for the Hay House DVD “Experiencing the Miraculous” in June 2011, and later that summer, spontaneously joined the mantra chanting movement, where she began touring extensively with David Newman, Brenda McMorrow, Girish, at Yoga centers, Festivals in Europe, played at Kripalu Center, MA and did her solo tour in West Canada in 2015 along with Heather Good, her leading tour guide along.

She co-produced and published 3 of her own cds.

  • WITHIN (Single)

She has also wrote a children’s novel “Stelle & Co.” in 2007